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Terra Communications, Inc. was started by Dawn G. Stuart in 1990 as a California-based corporation. Ms. Stuart worked in outside sales, then as a marketing consultant for several years while living in Southern California. She specialized in branding new products and services. In 1995, having moved back to her home town in Central Oregon, Dawn combined her sales and marketing background with her love of writing and the outdoors. She founded Oregon Outdoors Magazine and was its publisher until 1998.

After several years as a freelance adventure travel writer, Dawn restructured Terra Communications as a book marketing company in 2001. With an emphasis on grassroots outreach to independent booksellers, regional and national media, cutting edge Internet programs, and a holistic approach to long term author marketing management, Terra Communications was instrumental in the success of several new and emerging authors, catapulting them to celebrity status, with years of New York Times and international bestsellers rankings.

While Terra Com continues to provide some of the most progressive and strategic book marketing services in the country to a select number of authors, the company expanded its services in 2011 to help literary event planners find just the right authors and books for their programs.

By 2013, our literary events consultancy had grown so much that a sister company, Books In Common, was established. BIC now helps hundreds of Community Reads Programs (One Book, One City), and All Campus (Freshman Class) Reads, find just the right authors and books for their programs. We continue to support Visiting Author Series at libraries and colleges, Writing Conferences and Book Festivals, in their quests to secure talented writers for their needs.

Working with many of the finest and most engaging literary voices in the country, Terra Communications is dedicated to launching and managing the careers of writers whos books we believe will impact the world for generations to come. While BIC helps venues find talented authors who are also great speakers and teachers. We help secure events with New York Times and international bestsellers, Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winners, and award-winning new and emerging talents.

Our primary goal continues to be the support and enhancement of quality literature by offering sophisticated and progressive literary services to authors, reading programs, libraries, colleges, authors, publishers, media, and independent booksellers.

Book Marketing Consultants

We are a small but talented company dedicated to helping keep quality literature alive. We accomplish this goal by offering our holistic author marketing services, to new/emerging writers as well as some of the most famous authors in the US.

We enlist the services of associates who are passionately committed to maintaining the finest traditions of the book industry along with providing sophisticated, aggressive and professional marketing support. We firmly believe that good marketing is the key to selling more books, and that it is a neglected element in the publishing industry.

We prefer to work with literary event planners, publishers, and authors on a long-term basis. This enables us to become more closely associated with their programs, titles, personalities, and communities, ensuring the greatest effectiveness possible. This also enables us to offer our services at affordable rates. From events planning and author placement, to manuscript development, pre-press planning, securing reviews, media outreach, Internet Marketing, social networking, and the actual selling of books, we can do it all--or just help out in the areas where you need it most.